Desai co-publishes “Fanon, phenomenology and psychology”

Miraj Desai, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, is co-editor of the new book, “Fanon, Phenomenology and Psychology“(Routledge).

The book, co-edited by Leswin Laubscher and Derek Hook, explores the relevance of psychiatrist Frantz Fanon’s work to psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, anti-racism and beyond. It features contributions from world-renowned scholars on Fanon, who is among the most influential anti-racist thinkers not only in the history of medicine, but also in the history of ideas in general.

The Lancet recently observed that Fanon’s writings represent the origin of the whole field of global health. However, Fanon’s work has remained neglected in his own fields of psychiatry and psychology, despite addressing some of the most pressing social and racial justice issues of our time.

The book attempts to highlight Fanon’s considerable contemporary relevance, including his enduring ideas regarding structural racism, anti-Black, decolonial psychology, and the very possibility of global health or community mental health. It may be of interest to students, academics and practitioners from various fields and from all walks of life.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on December 07, 2021

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