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LAS students at UCCS must complete at least 12 credit hours in the social sciences to complete the campus curriculum component in their degree audit. Three of these credit hours should be reserved for general psychology.

Psychology studies human behavior and seeks to understand how and why we think and feel, and our actions that result from or influence these thoughts and feelings. General Psychology at UCCS is one of the most informative courses I have ever taken and even influenced me to begin my journey in Psychology as a major and future career.

However, that is not why the course should be compulsory. In addition to inspiring me, the field of psychology is extremely useful in making us more intuitive about ourselves and others and making us better students.

First, learning the general principles of psychology gives you great self-awareness.

One of the most important principles that is drilled into the minds of students of general psychology is the misconception of nature in relation to education. Nature refers to your genetic influences, while education refers to your social and environmental influences. Both affect who you are, how you look, how you behave, etc.

The misconception is that it’s one or the other that affects us, but it’s really the two that work in tandem, to put it simply.

Learning this principle in its entirety is important for understanding yourself. Knowing your predisposition to something like anxiety or depression allows you to assess your surroundings and decide how risky you are for these things. Preventive measures can be taken.

Or, let’s say you’ve developed a disorder before, but you weren’t genetically predisposed to it. You can assess what happened or changed in your surroundings that caused the disorder, which helps you either get out of a particular situation or get someone to properly diagnose what happened. pass.

General psychology also prepared me to be a better student. Best practices for study and memory were one of the first things taught.

For example, I learned that highlighting doesn’t work. You can’t just highlight bits of information in a text and expect to remember that information.

Study habits also make a difference. You will have to study for an exam, it is inevitable. However, you can’t cram the day before and expect all of that information to automatically feed into your exam the next morning.

I learned in my first semester as a student here at UCCS that it’s best to study for maybe an hour, then take a break and come back after that break. And then of course repeat.

But it was only a small study advice that was taught in general psychiatry. The course delved into memory and learning, explaining working memory, long-term memory and how we learn.

The things I learned in this course transferred to the knowledge I used for all of my courses. This first semester has prepared me for success until now, my last semester in college.

General psychology was the most important stepping stone in my education at UCCS. It should be an opportunity that all students benefit from, so it should be a compulsory course on campus.

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