Han Nguyen


Han Nguyen likes to give people the opportunity to share their ideas. The University of North Georgia (UNG) student pursuing an art degree with a concentration in graphic design often does so in her role as president of the Asian Students Association (ASA) on the Dahlonega campus of the A G.

She asks questions and is silent long enough for people to realize their ideas are worth sharing. Nguyen, originally from Vietnam, learned strategy in a psychology class at the UNG. Also vice-president of the Chess Club, she realized that encouraging people to speak up can be just as important as listening.

“Leadership is a process of social influence, motivating a group of people to move forward and achieve a common goal,” Nguyen said. “I love working with so many talented people. Different people bring different experiences and talents.”

Sometimes some of her staff may not realize their own strengths, and she is happy to help them see these areas.

“I want to make sure they are aware of their talent,” Nguyen said. “I also let other members of our team know what they’re good at. When we know each other’s abilities, it’s easier for everyone to work together.”

Sometimes achieving collective goals can be difficult, and she has seen the need to help others overcome challenges.

“It’s really easy for leaders to ask people to do things,” Nguyen said. “It is also important that the leader gives positive feedback and encouragement.”

She said leadership is not about authority or power, but rather about teamwork.

“Getting to know people is one of the most important things to do. By listening to your teammates you get to know them and they will feel like they are noticed and their opinion counts, ”said Nguyen. “And when we get closer, it’s easier to work together.”


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