LA County wants Vanessa Bryant to undergo psychological exam in privacy breach lawsuit


LA County is using

LA County is using “scorched earth tactics” according to lawyers for Vanessa Bryant (shown here with Michael Jordan) in her privacy breach trial.
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In a few hours, the highly anticipated 2020-2021 NBA season kicks off, and Ernie, Chuck, Kenny and Shaq – a cop and the former Kobe Bryant teammate – will broadcast live from Los Angeles – in the same location where the county puts Bryant’s widow in a special position.

While this practice may be the norm for claims of emotional distress, the timing the Lakers play tonight just seems wrong – especially since Bryant will be mentioned several times tonight.

Check this from Associated press:

“Los Angeles County is seeking to require psychiatric evaluations for the widow of Kobe Bryant and others to determine if they really suffered from emotional distress after first responders took and shared graphic photos of the website. helicopter crash of 2020 that killed the basketball star, her teenage daughter and seven others, court documents show.

Vanessa Bryant, whose federal lawsuit against the county alleges invasion of privacy, claimed in court documents that she had experienced “severe emotional distress” which compounded the trauma of the loss of her husband and daughter 13-year-old Gianna.

Earlier this year, the The Los Angeles Times was the first to report that an internal sheriff’s department investigation found that deputies shared photos of the remains of the victims. It came after Vanessa Bryant claimed in her lawsuit that first responders, firefighters and members of the sheriff’s department took and shared photos of Kobe’s body with a bartender and circulated “free photos of the children,” parents and trainers dead ”.

Ms. Bryant feels bad about strangers looking at the footage of her deceased husband and child, and she lives in fear that she or her children will one day be confronted with gruesome images of loved ones in line “, read court documents.

Vanessa’s attorneys believe LA County “is using” scorched earth tactics “designed to intimidate her and the family members of other victims into” abandoning their quest for responsibility. “

LA County says “psychiatric exams are” necessary to assess the nature and extent of “alleged injuries to families,” and wants the evaluations to be videotaped and audio, which will last eight hours for adults and four to six hours for adults. children.

And here’s the LA County Lawyers kicker in a statement to the Associated Press.

“It’s horrible, the worst you can imagine. But she sued the county for something that didn’t happen. There has been no public disclosure of photos from the crash site, none. We therefore consider this case as a financial drain and do what is necessary to defend our client.

Remember this whenever Kobe’s name is mentioned as the Warriors and Lakers take the pitch tonight at the place Kobe has spent his entire career.


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