Revolutionizing the role of science in health decision-making

Misinformation and disinformation are widespread and have adverse effects on individuals’ health decisions. How can we solve the problem?

Why do so many people persist in believing ideas contrary to established science, even at the risk of their own health? Outside of his work as CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Franklin Behavioral Health Consultants, Jack M. Gorman, MD, focuses on combating mainstream misinformation and health and science misinformation at Critica, a nonprofit organization. nonprofit he co-founded that is dedicated to improving public understanding. science and health.

In this episode of More than medicine, Gorman discusses the psychology, sociology, and neurobiology of science denial, the roles of confirmation bias, group membership, and inaccurate perception of risk to emotional parts of the brain that often suppress the prefrontal cortex when individuals are under significant stress. He also discusses Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us— which he co-authored with Sara E. Gorman, PhD, MPH — and how his team of Critica “infodemiologists” are countering online misinformation and helping individuals make rational decisions about major health issues like than COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Gorman is CEO and Scientific Director of Franklin Behavioral Health Consultants and co-author, with Sara E. Gorman, PhD, MPH, of Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us. He and Gorman are also co-founders of Critica Inc., a community committed to making sound health and safety decisions. In a culture dominated by polarizing politics and an abundance of unchecked misinformation, Critica exists to revolutionize the role of science in making rational health decisions.

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