Sports Management Career Options

By Ranjan K Baruah

Getting a gold medal at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics has raised new hopes among many young people about a career in sport. Until recently, fewer people viewed sports as a career because we don’t see a lot of avenues in it. The point is, there are opportunities, but we could exploit them properly. Getting gold or silver at the Olympics is no easy task, but this time the Indians have shown that things are possible. We have seen athletes from northeast India win silver and bronze medals at the Tokyo Olympics.
We also know that National Sports Day is celebrated on August 29 to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of hockey legend Dhyan Chand Singh. National Sports Day is also observed to raise awareness of the importance of sport. Let’s also talk about the day and sport as a career in India. There is no doubt that sports can be a career option in India if we plan and prepare for the same.
A career in sport is not just limited to playing any game. Athletes are there at the same time, sport is also an industry where you can think about your career. Athletes have more advantages in being in the sports industry if they know it well. There are academies and institutes that promote sports and physical education. Universities and sports institutes like Laxmi Bai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE), National Sports Institute have positively contributed to sports career in India.
When we talk about career options in sports management, few terms come to mind including the MBA in Sports Management which is more focused on areas such as Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Manager; Responsible for sports development; Manager of sporting events; Sports analyst; Sports Communication Manager; sports consultant; Sports Operations Manager, etc. Many of us don’t know these courtyards or avenues when it comes to the North East.
One of the promising sports related careers may be sports psychology, which can be chosen by aspiring masters in psychology.
Some sports related courses are – Diploma in Sports Medicine, Diploma in Sports Training, Diploma in Sports Management, Diploma in Sports Science & Nutrition, B.Sc in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Science, Bachelor in physical education, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sports Management, B.Sc in Sports Science, B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management, Bachelor of Sports Management (BSM), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sports Management, Master in Physical Education, M.Sc in Sports Coaching, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Business, MBA in Sports Management , Master of Sports Management, M.Sc in Sports Science, etc.
You don’t have to be an expert in games to be successful in sports as a career. India’s performance at this year’s Olympics is encouraging and more young people can enter the field of sport and build their careers. There is no doubt that the sport has opened up many career opportunities for young talent in India. To become a sports person, having a talent in the chosen sport is very important. In addition to the endowment, a strong will and perseverance are required.

(The author is a career mentor and skills trainer and can be reached on 8473943734 or [email protected] for any career-related question)

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